Instructional Design Content

Welcome to the Instructional Design Content section of this portfolio.

My involvement in instructional design really began in my early career working in information systems where I found myself developing software and hardware training for staff with a wide diversity of computer and technical aptitudes. During my IT years I learned to develop both digital resources and face to face training content. After fifteen years in information and systems technologies, I took my creative aptitudes into the video game development, where I gained a stronger understanding of creative development software as well as the understanding of training of players within games. My work in game development later was sought out by a fortune 500 company where I aided in the development of three dimensional data visualization which extended into the early development of XR technologies. The cumulation of experience gifted me an opportunity to work a defense contract with another fortune 500 company where I developed over three hundred 3d-interactive training courses on aircraft. It was here where I was properly exposed to the ADDIE model of instructional design. After completing that contract and migrating back to the West Coast, I had begun consider diving deeper into instructional design. With the advent of COVID-19, I felt an even stronger calling to seek out more knowledge and chose to return back to academia at Western Oregon University. As I wrap up the last few courses in the Masters of Educational Technology, I am also completing the Instructional Design Certification.

This section is a work in progress and will showcase Instructional Design Artifacts.