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Expert Panel – Social Media Personal Data (animation)
Theory of Color (Moodle Course)
Theory of Color (Moodle Course)
Personal Strategyz What Works For You Click and Drag Drop Zone tool developed Unity 3d and exported to HTML5.
Click and Drag Drop Zone tool developed Unity 3d and exported to HTML5.

This artifact was created with Adobe CC: Character Animator to create the ‘puppets’ of two iconic members in the technological community having a debate over the use of social media technologies. The words and voices are actual recordings, which were motion captured onto the ‘puppet’ heads, which were composited and rendered in Adobe After Effects.

This three part mini-course painting course focuses on color theory for painting. The course was developed with andragogy in mind and the modules are scaffold to instruct learners on color theory as well as the materials before applying knowledge to practice. The submission process allows for peer collaboration and discussion.

Developed using a game engine, Unity 3D, this artifact holds special weight for me, in that it strictly applies my undergrad and professional experience into creating a solution for a client’s needs which could not be met with Moodle’s built in drag and drop, or ‘drop zone’ features. The client, a mental health professional, specifically requested a many to one dropzone ‘visual exercise’, with aligned visual content from his course which could function and embed into Moodle LMS. Furthermore, this activity needed to function via mobile device.